Dear Internet user,

Thanks for passing by!
I am a visual artist.
I don't put much of my things on my website, because I don't trust the Internet, neither you.
But. I do try since recently to be creative on Instagram... oups. You can find me under @_office_fetish

Some links :
An ongoing performance project with Hunter Longe
The book " Artificial fear, Intelligence of death" here

Geneva-based Éditions Clinamen recently published a book with a stupendous text by Pacôme Thiellement and my collages. You can find it here.

Along with Tiphanie Blanc, Tatiana Rihs and Ramaya Tegegne, we are taking actions regarding the payment of art/cultural workers in our world. Check about the project's activities here.

If you want more details about some works and what I am up to, please send me an email :



Artist talk "on cursed imagery",
Mabini Project Residency, Manila,
cur. Roy Voragen


La France éléctronique (à venir)
Biennale du Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse
cur. Jill Gasparina

Frozen facial features
Stand Hek, LISTE, Bâle
cur. Boris Magrini
du 11.06 au 17.06.18

« De l'archéologie des médias », conférence
avec Yves Citton et Emmanuel Guez
Fondation Bodmer, Genève

Frozen facial features
Post-disaster residencies, Marseille
cur. Paul Paillet et Jonathan Vidal

Wages for Wages against
Espace d'art Tunnel Tunnel, Lausanne
du 09.03 au 11.03.18

Wages for Wages against
Centre culturel Suisse, Paris
cur. Rosa Brux
du 20.04 au 03.06.18